Our Candidates and Clients

The Partnership Pyramid

DFW Accountants PLLC utilizes the Partnership Pyramid in our staffing philosophy. We truly believe that we are partners with both our clients and our candidates.
With this process, we focus on developing long-term business relationships with both candidates and clients and do not look just to earn a quick fee or to fill a job order. This results in benefits to all parties as follows:

Client Benefits

  • We match your Company’s culture to the candidates we submit rather than just putting a body in a seat
  • We do a better job of matching candidates to companies than our competitors
  • Single point of contact for you, rather than a contact for every division
  • We keep our rates and markups reasonable
  • We have flexible billing options for you such as Hourly, semi-monthly with bonus, daily or fixed billing rates
  • Ability to pay your long-term candidates Holiday pay with a lower bill rate with no profit to DFW Accountants for Holiday pay

Candidate Benefits

  • We focus on customer service for our candidates as much as we do our clients
  • Open and honest communication.   We do not interview candidates just to determine who is hiring in the market.
  • We do not post filled jobs to falsely bring in new candidates
  • We do not mind candidates knowing our markup rates.   We do not try to get them to work for below market wages to increase our margin.   We prefer to have a markup rate negotiated with our clients prior to determining their pay rate
  • We do not present resumes without clearing it first with our candidates

DFW Accountants PLLC Benefits

  • We do not have to hide our markup rates from our candidates or our clients
  • We are able to develop a business partner relationship instead of a vendor relationship
  • We maintain lifetime business partners

We look forward to adding you as our newest team member!

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